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It addresses two of the most pressing interlinked challenges facing biomedical research in the UK. It also helps to deliver the growing need for improved medicines, better healthcare, and economic growth in the life sciences.

This project supports the second of two project phases at the centre: a Big Data Institute.  The institute aims to develop analytical expertise and the capacity to define signals within massive datasets.

These skills increasingly characterise medical research, both at the molecular genomic level and in large-scale population studies.

The Big Data Institute is currently in development. An acting director has been appointed, and construction will begin in Autumn 2014.

With the first phase of the project, the centre will:

  • provide new and unique technical and analytical capacities
  • be fully aligned with the needs of industry for better molecular target identification
  • provide an optimal interface with well-characterised population datasets to inform clinical therapeutics.

Page last updated 26 February 2015