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Education Students 60 - May 2015

A joint research endeavour between the University of Roehampton, Carshalton College and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), RAFA 2 is a student-led initiative focused upon enhancing assessment practices to address the attainment gap between Black/African/Caribbean/Black British, Muslim women and white students. 

RAFA 2 will critically analyse current practices, develop methods to enhance learning and teaching practice and, crucially, produce guidance and practice recommendations for enhancement.

Grounded within existing research as a follow-on enquiry from two previous studies by the University of Roehampton, RAFA 2 seeks to scale up existing methodologies and employ students in partnership with academic staff to drive cultural change.

It is anticipated that the project will generate three general areas of wider impact:

• Institutionalised support mechanisms to expand opportunities for BAME students and Muslim women

• Capacity building of staff in other HEIs for providing enhanced assessment practices for all students

• The development of resources for inclusive and effective assessment practices based on collaborative evidence. 

Success criteria for RAFA 2 will focus upon:

• A reduced attainment gap

• Alterations in participants’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours

• Improvements in attainment by the target group and a reduction of the attainment gap.

Catalyst funding 

Total project funding  £435,082 
Project contact name  Marilyn Holness 
Project contact email 
Project contact telephone  020 2392 3237 

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