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Current funding

Our funding for disabled students is £40 million for 2016-17, an increase of £20 million compared with 2015-16.

This increase is to support institutions to meet the rapid rise in the number of students reporting mental health problems and to transition towards an inclusive social model of support for disabled students.


If you have questions or comments about this work, please contact Grace Simpson, tel 0117 931 7380.

The future of support for disabled students

Previous research has shown that the largest groups of impaired students to which higher education institutions cater were students with dyslexia.

The group least likely to feel their needs have been met sufficiently were students with mental health problems.  

In light of these findings and the Government’s proposed changes to the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), we carried out a review in 2014-15.  

This focused on support for students with specific learning differences and students with mental health problems or intensive support needs. 

The review has shown that some of the biggest challenges facing institutions are: 

  • increasing demand for services
  • proposed changes to the way in which funding is delivered to support disabled students
  • moving to a social model of support
  • working with external agencies
  • increased pressure on resources. 

Explore the data

Search the data on provision for disabled students.

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Find out more

We have published the two reports from the review.

We have also analysed data on the provision available in 2012-13 for all students at English institutions registered on higher education courses. 

Our interactive visualisation allow users to explore the data by the disclosed disability status of students, the location where courses were taught, the subject areas they were in and the level of study. 

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