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How does it work? 

The service is available to institutions on a subscription model. It offers economies of scale by giving access to data, analysis and research to help them target, monitor and evaluate their outreach activities. 

The HEAT service is built around geographical hubs linked to a central team at the University of Kent. Trained staff in the hubs will work with colleagues in institutions new to HEAT to help them develop their capabilities as they join the service. 

Currently 73 institutions use the service. 

How to join 

Interested institutions are encouraged to contact HEAT directly to find out more about how their widening participation work can be supported by the service. 

Visit the HEAT website.

Our role 

We have provided funding to support and oversee the roll-out of the service, but the sector will manage the service for subscribed institutions. 

We have provided £3 million from 2014 to 2017. 

Our funding will enable the roll-out of the service - managed by the University of Kent - over three years so that more institutions throughout England can benefit.

Page last updated 30 May 2017