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To find which networks work with a specific school or college and to find single points of contact and website contact details, use this search tool.

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Four further networks are available offering advice at the national level.  These will work with local networks to offer complementary services. 

The National Network for the Education of Care Leavers

Contact: Katherine Lawrence


This network will focus on information and resources for care leavers, and all those that support them, about progression to higher education. 

The Open University NNCO

Contact: Julie Gowen


The main focus of this network will be to serve adults looking for simplified advice and guidance on all the non-traditional routes to and through higher education and will include informal to formal journeys.  

HE in London

Lead institution: Birkbeck University

This function will bring together the work of the other London-based networks into a co-ordinated pan-London approach covering all schools and colleges and working with London Boroughs, charities and other HE providers/organisations.

Single point of contact: Camilla Mount

Oxford and Cambridge Collaborative Network

Lead institution: University of Oxford

Member institutions: University of Cambridge

This national collaborative network offers the opportunity to ensure that schools are fully aware of the support available from the two universities.

Single point of contact: and


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