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How we fund student access and success

As well as the main element of teaching grant relating to high-cost subjects, we provide targeted allocations which support important or vulnerable features of higher education in accordance with key policy initiatives. For 2016-17 we allocated funding to recognise the additional costs of recruiting and supporting students in three main areas:

  • students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • students with disabilities
  • improving the retention of students who may be less likely to continue their studies.

The allocations do not take the form of funds for individual students. We allocate them to support the extra cost to institutions this work entails.

Read more about how we calculated the 2016-17 targeted allocations.


Learn how we used data to inform the 2016-17 targeted allocations for access, disability and retention.

Download the 2014-15 HESA and ILR funding summaries SO method document as PDF (385 KB)

Page last updated 1 June 2017

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