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Training in quantitative methods

HEFCE funds a partnership with Nuffield Foundation and ESRC, aiming to overhaul social science teaching. The partnership addressing the critical shortage of social scientists with quantitative skills needed to evaluate evidence and analyse data.

The partnership has funded a new £19.5 million programme called Q-Step, designed to promote a step-change in quantitative methods training for social science undergraduates in the UK.

See full details of the Q-Step programme on the Nuffield Foundation website

Read John MacInnes’ pedagogy report on effective teaching practice in Q-Step Centres

‘Stand Out and Be Counted’

With the British Academy and the Economic and Social Research Council, we have launched a guide aimed at students. This shows the importance of strengthening the UK’s quantitative skills base.

The guide – ‘Stand Out and Be Counted’ – illustrates how quantitative skills can broaden students’ career paths.

It contains personal stories from journalists, entrepreneurs, charity workers, lecturers, PhD candidates and civil servants. It dispels many of the myths that surround quantitative skills, and highlights their potential to be versatile, insightful, creative and fun.

Further information

For more information contact Kate Page, tel 0117 931 7299, email

Page last updated 11 January 2018