Healthcare, medical and dental education and research

The training of doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals is carried out as a partnership between HEFCE, higher education institutions and the Department of Health (DH). We have a key role to play by allocating funding for education, training and research in health-related subjects.

The UK Healthcare Education Advisory Committee advises us on healthcare training and research.

How does healthcare training work?

Doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals have different training periods, and universities and colleges follow their own admissions criteria.  

Unlike other academic subjects, this is one area where the Government regulates the number of places that are available to study.

Our role

We jointly fund undergraduate and dental training with the NHS. Our contribution takes the form of a grant which we allocate though our annual funding allocations.

We also work with the Research Councils and the Department of Health to fund research in medicine and dentistry.

Medical and dental students (MDS) survey 

We conduct an annual UK-wide survey of students who begin and complete medical and dental courses. 

We do this on behalf of the Department of Health, the Scottish Funding Council, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland. 

We use these data to inform funding allocations and to monitor targets for the recruitment of students in these areas. They also help the Department of Health with its workforce planning. 

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