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HEFCE as an employer

We are committed to promoting equality and diversity through an inclusive working culture which values diversity. We want to get the best from our staff by providing a supportive and inspiring environment encouraging self-awareness and authenticity.

We have strategies to promote a respectful, inclusive and fair workplace, including an active Equality and Diversity Steering Group. Our Dignity at Work policy underpins our work in this area and our aims are laid out in our People Strategy.

Human resources dashboard: Financial year 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017

Download the HR_dashboard_FY_2016 as PDF (564 KB)

Staff equality information and targets

We report our equality and diversity data and progress against equality targets annually in our Annual Report on the Equality and Diversity Statement and Objectives.

We have adopted meaningful, challenging but realistic targets for HEFCE that take into account our relatively small size, low turnover and constitution.

Equality and diversity groups

We have an internal Equality and Diversity Steering Group.  This steers the planning and implementation of our equality and diversity agenda, ensuring it is central to everything that we do.

The group works with our recognised trades union, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), a key partner in tackling discrimination and championing equality and diversity.

Dignity at work

We wish to be an organisation that prioritises the well being of people in an inclusive culture which values diversity and is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Our 'Dignity at Work' policy is designed to support our aims by articulating our approach and outlining how we will deal with issues if they arise.

People strategy

The 'People strategy' contains five aims one of which is the aim to provide people with a healthy, safe working environment in which individuals are treated with respect.

Work-life balance

Employers have recognised that it makes good business sense to provide opportunities for their workforce to achieve a good balance in their lives. This means recognising the value and importance of life outside of work such as family commitments, the role of a carer, religion and belief.

At HEFCE we have gained a Government Beacon Award for our work in this area and have also been commended by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

For us, the foundations of 'work-life balance' are trust and respect for others. We recognise that this is the basis for effective people management.

Equal pay audit

The outcomes of our most recent equal pay audit (May 2010) confirmed that there were no significant equal pay issues within our current pay system.

The results of the audit were reported as part of our 'people report' and were discussed with the union.

Directly after this audit we entered a two-year public sector pay freeze (2010-11 and 2011-12). 

Further information

For more information about staff information and equality and diversity, contact Vanessa Conte, email

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