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The University of Salford

Aims and objectives

The University of Salford has noticed an increase in the numbers of students who have sought help with gender transition or are gender questioning. This increase warranted an exploration of how we support trans and non-binary students across the university.

After talking to our trans students to understand their specific needs, the university employed a trans student on a short contract to develop an action plan and web pages, strengthened links with local charities, and ensured frontline student services recieved training in trans awareness. 

Benefit to other institutions

The project will help to:

  • develop policy and practice for trans and non-binary students
  • support staff in student welfare provision
  • develop regional networks
  • develop sensitivity to transgender, non-binary and gender identity questioning students.

Download further information

Download the Salford - Trans Case Study as PDF (459 KB) 

Useful links 

Information for Trans Students - University of Salford web resource

Twilight People - National exhibition co-curated by Salford Trans & Non-Binary students


Page last updated 7 April 2017