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Revolving Green Fund

The Revolving Green Fund (RGF) provides recoverable grants to help higher education institutions (HEIs) in England reduce emissions and save money. The RGF has so far provided over £90 million of repayable grants to HEIs. 

The intention of the RGF is to encourage innovative projects that significantly reduce energy use and therefore carbon emissions. A condition of the funding is that learning is shared among the higher education sector to promote good practice in terms of creating sustainable buildings and inspiring learning environments. 

Evaluation of the Revolving Green Fund

In 2010 we commissioned an evaluation of the RGF. This showed that the fund is successfully meeting its aims by providing a mechanism for HEIs to invest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the 2010 evaluation

A report carried out by Blue Alumni was published in June 2014 provides an evaluation of the first three rounds of the RGF and informed the development of RGF4

Read the 2014 evaluation

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