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Staff employed at HEFCE-funded HEIs

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Workforce framework

Our main contribution is made through our workforce framework which is intended to inform HEIs’ strategic and human resources planning.

The framework looks at the key issues and challenges, and supports HEIs’ understanding of overall trends.

Our first HE workforce framework was published in 2006, and the most recent in 2010.


In carrying out our work to develop people and bring about organisational change, we work with a number of organisations. These include:

Universities HR

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association

HE Employers’ Pension Forum 

Developing human resources

We have provided funding to assist HEIs in developing their human resources capacity. This funding includes:

  • Recruitment and retention schemes
    In 2003 these ‘golden hellos’ schemes were developed around institutional priorities.
  • Rewarding and Developing Staff (R&DS) initiative
    A programme of funding to recruit, retain and develop staff, and modernise management processes in the HE sector.
  • Research into the research workforce
    Data and information about the research workforce.

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